Things that make me happy... FAMILY, chocolate covered strawberries, making people laugh, playing with my niece, skydiving, playing the 'guess who sings this song game', conversations with my mother, being an Aggie, cuddling, a good book, Christmas time, Modern Family, feeling the spirit, laughing until you feel your abs getting a workout, the perfect song, my best friends, seeing the world...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The End...

Guess what??? I'M HOME, I'M HOME, I'M HOME!!! Yipeeeee!!! Wow i can't even tell you how bittersweet this is for me, i am so happy to be home with my family (if you can't tell i've missed them like crazy) but i'm so sad that my summer of fun is over! What a perfect summer! I feel like such a different person and i am so happy with what i've seen and experienced! I miss the Ralston's and will forever be in debt to them!! They are wonderful! So it took us 6 days to get to Utah and i made it an even funner adventure and decided to surprise pretty much my whole family, by coming home early! I recommend it, it was so much fun!! On our drive we went through North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Up to the 4 corners! It was a blast!! I am now home and happy at home with my family!! I guess i'll go be a grown up now... thanks for following me and my adventures! This probably will be my last post, cause i don't think being a grown up will prove to be blog worthy, but if anything does come up i'll be sure to let you know! I love you all!! :)

North Carolina
South Carolina
Dust Storm


4 Corners

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Little Bit Of Everything...

Hi Friends!! So i have a bunch of updates and a bunch of pictures!! yay!! So i was thinking of just going down the line and explaining all of them!! So come along and enjoy!! 

We went and toured the White House... Crazy Right? We went and saw Obama... yuck!! Just kidding luckily he wasn't there! It was super cool though and it was fun to imagine who had walked the halls that i was walking! The rooms in there were amazing! It was great!

I touched the white house!

We went and toured the Ford's Theater! It was pretty awesome! Something i learned that probably most of all you know was that Lincoln didn't instantly die, he was carried to the building across the street and died the next day! Sad!
Fords Theater 
HUGE stack of Lincoln Books

So one thing i learned out her in the east is that it doesn't just rain, it literally is a shower! I LOVE IT!! It is so much fun to go play in! Its a blast and i'm really going to miss it! Utah rain is so weak compared to this rain!
Our version of dancing in the rain

We went to Ocean City and saw their amazing boardwalk and the played at the beach!! It was a blast!!

The sunset as we were driving home
 It was this beautiful girls birthday yesterday so we went to the Grand Prix in Baltimore!! One of the coolest things ever!! I loved it and the drivers are super good looking!!

Literally in the middle of the city
Our summer boyfriends, be jealous... they're Italian!
Random picture that i love!!
 Please excuse the way we look... we took a week and painted the house!! It was a great adventure!! haha!

Love you all!! Have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day Of Birth!!!

Happy Birthday to me!! haha! So i turned 22 last Thursday, yup i'm officially one year older and wiser too!! Ha! It was a wonderful day though! We went to the D.C. Temple which I've wanted to do before we left! It's amazing by the way! I love it!! Then we celebrated by going to dinner at a awesome restaurant called Brio's!! It was delicious! We then ended the night watching one of my favorite movies!! Thanks Ralston family for making it such a fabulous day!!

 I also just wanted to take a moment to give my family a shout out!! I'll start with my parents, i can't tell you how grateful i am to have them in my life! They each have raised me into a person that i love and am proud of! I love them so much and have missed them like crazy! This trip has given me the opportunity to really see the little things that can sometimes be taken for granted, and i can't tell you how excited i am to see them. They are my best friends and they each have taught me so much! So thank you Dad, Mom, Bud for giving me life and teaching me to be just like you! I could not ask for better parents! I want to also thank my amazing sister who has also been someone that has never let me down and has taught me so much! She is a wonderful sister, mother, wife and i look up to her in so many ways! She is incredible, i miss her so much! And she gave me the two greatest gifts that a girl could ask for, my two beautiful nieces! Nothing is better than being a Aunt, especially if they are as cute as Naleah and Hannah are! I can't wait to see them and to actually meet cute little Hannah! I have the best family, and as many of you know that leaving them was probably the hardest thing i had to do. It just makes coming home that much more exciting! Thank you family for all the love, support and acceptance! I love you!! I could not ask for a better family and a better life! These past 22 years, literally have been so amazing! I have done so much with it so far and am so excited to see what the future has in store for me! Thank you all also for the wonderful birthday wishes, it really meant a lot to me! I love you all!

D.C. Temple

Friday, August 24, 2012

D.C. Round 3...

You'll never guess what i did this past week... haha just kidding its an easy guess... we explored more of D.C. Yaaay!!We received our date for our tour of the capital and it was sooo cool! We got a special tour because of Rob Bishop and one of his interns gave us a great tour! We first stopped in Rob's office and we each got the chance to sit in his desk... ya we are kind of a big deal! ( please excuse the way i look this day, yikes haha) Then they took us everywhere, from the Senate side to the House of Representatives side. It was awesome, the art work in there was amazing! What an awesome opportunity!! After our tour we took the day to go see whatever we wanted! We went to the Museum of Art, The National Archives where we saw the original Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. We then headed back to the metro and stopped at a couple monuments! There are so many places and things to see in D.C. I love it! Next week we get to go to our tour of the White House... crazy right? So stay tuned...

Rob's Desk
The Capitol
Senate Side
One of Utah's Statues- Brigham Young
The Dome

The Rotunda
Coolest Hall Ever!! In the Museum of Art... and yes those are lights!
National Archives
Part of the Smithsonian
We got poured on, but it sure made for a perfect back drop!
Vietnam War Memorial
Those are names, they are all over the walls

The Korean War Monument
Faces on the wall... super cool to see at night
Arlington and General Lee's House
Just a cool picture with a lot of monuments in it!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

D.C. Continued...

Hey Friends!! So I have a bunch of pictures to show you because we've explored more of D.C. this last weekend! The Ralston's had some family up for the weekend so we went crazy and did some super fun things! Enjoy!

Hiroshima Monument

The Famous Kennedy Center
Shear Madness- The Hilarious Show We Went To 
The Lincoln Memorial At Night
The Washington Memorial At Night
The Library Of Congress- Probably my most favorite thing in D.C.
This is why...
and this...
isn't it incredible? 
The most amazing building I've ever been in,
aside from the Temple of course!
The Union Station
Union Station
The Backside Of The Capitol

The View Of The Mall From The Capitol 

The Front Side Of The Capitol
The Natural History Museum
The Hope Diamond- Titanic Anyone?
The Lobby
National Air And Space Museum

P.S. Sorry about the throw up of pictures... i like taking them if you can't tell!